Monday, March 21, 2005

And then, exhaustion set in...(revised in 2008 with brand new groovy links)

The bad news first--I'm a bit under the weather. (Just a little. The few sunny days we had last week have been replaced by the usual cold grey snowy "spring" yuck. Coincidence?)

The good news is that I've scored some fun stuff to list on eBay, starting tomorrow. (When I'll feel better, I hope. Please. And how about some sun?)

Meanwhile, I'll take the lazy babe's way out and point you to some recent cool retro stops:

The Sears catalog, 1971. Now here's some vintage middle-Americana I wish I could list tomorrow... Gone, alas--but this funny look back at the 1977 Penneys Catalog still stands. (Via Metafilter, naturally.)

I was wrong about CHUM online--their stream has, alas, apparently gone dry. But Hamilton, Ontario's CKOC-AM is still streaming some great Canadian (and British, and US) oldies, including most of the songs on the list in the last post. Guess what? CKOC is no longer streaming, but CHUM-FM is back in a big way, with a stream and lots of wonderul vintage Canadian pop memorabilia. Satisfy that curiosity--you know you want to hear "Say It Again"...

Finally, if you're using the Firefox browser to read this, you really need to install the gleefully tacky/sweet Pimpzilla theme--a perfect antidote to grey days and too-serious computer sessions. (And if you aren't using Firefox to read this, just consider this--even a stodgy, Win98SE l/user like me is buggin' ya to try it--tabbed browsing, pop-up control, yaddayadda. Go get it, eh?)

Back soon...


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